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Syracuse Attorneys on Ways to Choose Hospitals With Best Quality of Care

Accountability is critical for all hospitals and medical facilities. Patient’s lives are in the hands of doctors, surgeons, and nurses who we expect will provide the best possible care. Unfortunately, many facilities fall short on the quality of care they provide – either by omission of care or outright misconduct.

Hospitals ranked by overall quality of care

Among several facilities in Upstate New York, St. Joseph’s Hospital recently received a low overall quality rating from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), according to

Hospitals are ranked on a scale of five stars, with five being the best. On a national scale, most hospitals receive an average of three stars. New York hospitals, statewide, have an average of one star.

The ratings are based on the following factors:

  • Safety of care
  • Timeliness of care
  • Patient death rates
  • Readmission rates
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Effectiveness of care
  • Efficient use of medical imaging

Since the hospital rating system began in 2015, St. Joseph’s maintained a rating of three stars.  That rating dropped to two stars and ranked below the national average on safety of care, patient readmission rates, and timeliness of care.

In addition, Syracuse hospitals, University Hospital S U N Y Health Science Center and Crouse Hospital, have ratings of two stars. In the general area, Community Memorial Hospital in Hamilton had the best ranking, of 4 stars.

Auburn Community Hospital in Auburn had the poorest rating (1 star) due to misconduct. After an intensive care unit doctor allegedly endangered patients and sexually harassed other staff members, hospital officials failed to promptly investigate the matter.

Why these ratings are important for patients

Before deciding where to receive medical treatment, it’s crucial to know how well a hospital or medical facility performs. These ratings give patients the information they need regarding the overall quality of care and what they may expect should they or a loved one ever need to visit a facility.

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