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Why You Should Check Your Doctor's Background

When it comes to your health and receiving the best care possible, it is highly advisable that you know who is treating you. Doctors with a history of malpractice and ill-advised behavior should be avoided.

What to Look for in a Doctor

There are a number of credentials you should always check when choosing a doctor in Upstate, New York.

  • Is the doctor properly licensed?: Always ensure that the doctor you choose is licensed to practice and board-certified. It is also helpful to know where the doctor attended med school and where he or she completed the required residency. Additionally, it is important to know if any disciplinary action has been taken against the doctor's license.
  • How long has the doctor been practicing?: Depending on your medical needs, it is important to know how long your doctor has been practice and how much experience he or she possesses.
  • How knowledgeable is the doctor on your condition?: You should always check to see if your doctor has released any publications or studies on your condition. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Making sure that your doctor is knowledgeable on your condition can prevent a misdiagnosis or mistreatment.
  • Does the doctor have a history of disciplinary actions?: You can check the New York State Department of Health website to see if disciplinary action has been taken against the doctor.
  • What are people saying about the doctor?: You should also check online reviews on the doctor. This can give you more insight on others' personal experience with a particular doctor and what you can expect.

When you need to be treated for a medical condition or injury, you must place your health and trust in a doctor. You should expect that your doctor has the knowledge and experience to properly diagnose your condition and offer the best treatment possible. However, not all doctors treat their patients with the utmost care. Medical mistakes can occur, resulting in additional complications to the patients. In rare but extreme cases, a doctor's misconduct can harm patients.

If you suspect you or a loved one has been the victim of medical malpractice, we urge you to get legal help immediately, before any one else suffers at the hands of an unfit and irresponsible doctor.